Music has always played an integral part in our lives, shaping each generation throughout the decades. Music helps us celebrate and heal in good times and in bad.

There are many famous songs that have shaped the LGBTQ+ community that we identify with as our gay anthems. For example, songs such as “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” “I am what I am,” and “Same Love”. These powerful songs have defined many of our cultures’ movements from Stonewall to modern-day Prides!

New Hope Celebrates presents this music with a live outdoor concert at our annual Pride Fair this year. Our outdoor stage will be set at New St. and South Main St. at the south entrance to New Hope in the American Legion Parking lot, ushering in the Pride season!

We are proud to present yet another great year of amazing musical entertainment from local and nationally known performers.

Pride Park can be accessed in three locations.

  1. From Canal Park on 145 South Main St. next to Moo Burger
  2. From South Main St. {By the Boomer statue}
  3. From 40 New St. – Access at American Legion Lot

PrideFest Live featured entertainment:

Join us after the Pride Parade for PrideFest Live! and Pride Fair, featuring electrifying performances by drag superstar Sapphira Cristál and pop sensation John Duff. Additional entertainment will be provided by Sam Ryan Band, School of Rock Doylestown, Cara Cartney, Rainy Daze Band, Victoria Lace, Cyannie Lopez, Ginger Alley, and Miss & Mr. New Hope Celebrates 2024 – Diva Divine Monroe and Sir Harold Angels!

See Below 2024's PrideFest Entertainment Line Up


Sapphira Cristál is a classically trained opera singer, composer, and drag queen known for her theatrical lip sync style and six-octave vocal range. She holds 14 pageant crowns — including Miss’d America 2020/2021 —and has performed nationwide. Notably, she has appeared twice at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival: first in 2019, when she sang on the same bill as Stephanie Blythe, and again in 2023, when she was featured as a headlining artist. In the drag sphere, Sapphira is renowned as a charismatic host who commands the room and establishes a special, intimate connection with her audience.


John Duff is an American singer, songwriter, actor, director, dancer, choreographer, and social media influencer. Duff came to prominence on social media and rose to greater prominence following the release of several viral hit singles, including “Girly”, “Rich”, and “Hokie Pokie”.


The Rainy Daze Band is a multi-generational rock band from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with members ranging from 18 to 73 years young. Our repertoire spans decades, from the 60s to the new millennium, featuring a diverse mix of original and cover songs. 


Cara Cartney is not just an accomplished musician and incredible singer, but an entertainer extraordinaire. Her versatile and expressive voice enables her to perform any genre of music with her own unique flair. Whether she is covering a classic ballad or performing a heartfelt original, Cara infuses her songs with creativity and passion.

A Cara Cartney show is more than your typical solo acoustic guitar performance. It’s an interactive, engaging, and fun-filled experience. Cara takes requests and serves them up with witty repartee, hilarious jokes, and amusing anecdotes that make the audience laugh and smile while she beams with amusement. “I guess I’m a little eccentric, and I embrace it. I want to get people involved at my shows and interact with them. I want it to be more than just me playing music for 3 hours. I want the people that come out randomly to a venue I’m playing to stay because they enjoy the show. If you’re not having fun, then I’m certainly not either.”


Sam Ryan is a Singer-Songwriter from Lambertville, NJ New Hope, PA Since August 2018, and as recent as March, 2023, Sam has led national act ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ as one of their lead singers; – acoustic/percussion duo ‘Bridge Beat Duo’, Other notable performances include opening for national act Robert Randolph and The Family Band and for super-group “ASIA”, SingerUniverse Magazine, Best Vocalist Contest (top five finalist).


Victoria Lace grew up and still lives in Brooklyn, New York but has deep roots in New Hope, Pa.

She first came to New Hope to compete for the title of “Miss Pennsylvania USofA” in 1997, under the direction of Rick Crosby. After winning the title of “Miss Pennsylvania”, Victoria went on to compete for the national title of Miss USofA.

Victoria made some guest appearances as “Miss Pennsylvania USofA” in the New Hope area. Victoria would travel from New York City, where she still works, to host the drag shows at the Cartwheel Night Club on Monday nights. She did this for 7 years and would stay over at Rick Crosby’s house or at the Raven. Victoria would also work the shows at the Raven hosted by New Hope’s Miss Pumpkin.

She said her mentor Rick Crosby introduced her to so many people in New Hope, including New Hope’s Monica Rey. Victoria said Monica Rey was “the focus I used to stay polished as an entertainer.”

Victoria said that from the first time she stepped foot in New Hope it gave her a warm welcoming feeling, adding, “whatever event or benefit there was the whole town came together for support.”

School of Rock Doylestown

School of Rock is the world’s largest and most trusted multi-location music school, with tens of thousands of musicians going through our classes, workshops, camps, and performance programs every day. Our leadership team members combine business savvy, a passion for music, and a drive with helping children succeed.

2024 Miss & Mr New Hope Celebrates

Miss New Hope Celebrates 2024 Diva Divine Monroe is the dancing Diva of Morrisville, PA – part of the Haus of Monroe. She started her career in 2021 in New Hope, PA and has continued to entertain audiences throughout the tri-state area. Diva was named the 2023 Tavern & Tiaras winner by DQE. She is a feisty Capricorn who loves traveling, performing, spending time with her friends and family, and, of course, a good meal. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite season is summer, and her favorite artist is Beyoncé. She is the current hostess of “Dragsville” at the Morrisville Tavern and “Hail To The Queens” at Hurricane Jack’s. You can often find Diva twirling to a Jersey Club mix, blasting an airhorn sound effect, or screaming for her drag family at all of their shows. When asked about her goals as Miss NHC, she said, “My goal as the newly crowned Miss NHC is to continue the work the former queens have started  before me – to continue to uplift and be a figurehead in our community while also continuing the traditions and values that the organization holds dear to them. I also want to spotlight the community and organization and open the door to new faces, entertainers, and anyone else who has not experienced all that New Hope and NHC has to offer.”

New to the area and returning to drag after a pandemic-induced hiatus, Mr. New Hope Celebrates 2024 Sir Harold Angels brings a passion for comedy, melodrama, and complex craft projects. He first found his way into the rising world of drag kings while living in Denver, CO. After wandering into a drag king show one night not knowing what to expect, he became a devoted groupie to The Troupe of Kings hosting, attending their shows for a year before finally making his way to the stage in early 2020. Over a brief but marvelous two months, he made a dramatic splash in the world of Denver drag kings, finally putting his gender studies degree to use. Before the world as we knew it came to a screeching halt, he was welcomed into the Haus of Dazzle by the late Simon Paul, a beloved Denver drag king and master of comedic concepts. Carrying forward the love he experienced through Simon, the Dazzle Haus, and drag kings everywhere, he is so excited to be back with a rebrand to honor the person he is today. As the new Mr. NHC, Sir Harold said, “I hope I’ll continue to make people laugh! Humor is the best way I’ve found to cope with and combat some of the world’s injustices. Telling our stories, in whatever form that takes, is a humanizing act no one can take from us. Personally, I always hope to have fun while doing it!”


Cyannie Lopez aka Cyannie TheBody Lopez was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and currently living in Trenton NJ. Cyannie is an extraordinary performer who has a heart of gold. Cyannie started her major Drag Career right in New Hope at the iconic Raven at Lipstick Mondays where she became a regular cast member of the show. Currently, Cyannie is the reigning Miss Havana Of New Hope, as well as now your host of Lipstick Mondays every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at Havana. Cyannie is also the first Miss New Hope Celebrates, winning the crown in 2017!


Ginger Alley is a 6’3” tall, larger than Life, Fashional Diva Queen. Born in Runnemede NJ and currently residing in Southampton PA, Ginger has a preternatural understanding of style and concepts of fashion. She never fails to surprise and delight with her larger than life looks and her high standards of work. Ginger’s drag career started in 1991 in New Hope PA. After studying and learning the art, she quickly blossomed into a fixture of the Philadelphia drag scene. A former Miss New Hope Celebrates, a former Miss Philadelphia, a former Miss South Jersey Gay Pride and a former Miss Doylestown.

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