Unfortunately, our applications are closed for 2018! Thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing you at our 2018 PrideFest!

2018 Pride Parade Application

How does my group, business or organization participate?

Who Can Participate?

Our Parade is open to everyone who wishes to participate!* Simply follow the steps below to apply your business or organization. The NHC Pride Parade is a fun event for visitors, residents and participants of both New Hope & Lambertville and we look forward to your participation in this fun annual event. Please email our designated Parade Coordinator if you have questions or concerns.

*NHC and its Parade Committee reserve the right to refuse entry to groups that represents offensive, negative messages, or nudity.

Parade Entry Fees

Everyone must apply online. If you need assistance, please contact us. We charge a small fee to help to offset the cost associated with the parade. In order to offset the costs of producing our parade, NHC recommends that all groups consider making an additional suggested donation of $1-5 for each participant. You can add your donation upon checkout.

Business / Corporate: $120
Floats $130
Non-profit Group $85

If you are a Partner/Sponsor, your parade fee may be waived as part of your contribution. Please contact our Parade Coordinator for more information.

Where should we meet to participate on the day of the Parade?

Vehicles & Floats (Arnett Avenue)

Vehicles & Floats should report to Diamond Silver Building located on Arnett Avenue, just off Main Street in Lambertville, NJ. Once the vehicles are lined up (approximately 11:10) they will proceed down Rt. 29 to Delevan Street. Vehicles will turn right onto Delevan and hold their position until the parade begins at 11:30am.

Float Height & Weight Restrictions.

Vehicles and Flat Beds should not exceed: Road Deck Width 28’ – 9” Vertical Clearance 15’ – 6”. Weight Restriction: no loads over 80,000 pounds per the Delaware Bridge Commission.

Non-Vehicles & Marchers (York & N Main St)

All non-vehicles will line up on York St. and hold their position until the parade begins at 11:30am.

Horses are not permitted to cross the center or the walk ways of the bridge. (See Bridge Safety for more information)

The Parade Route

The Parade will begin with the vehicles coming down Union Street toward York where the non-vehicle/marchers will merge to form the completed parade. There will be Parade Directors along the route to guide you.

The Parade will cross the bridge to New Hope, turning on to Main Street and proceeding to the end of the parade at Waterloo Street. Parade participants will then make their way on to New Street where everyone will disburse.
Parade will end around 12:45

Parade Participants: Important details you and your group need KNOW!

Set-Up & Operations

All parade participants are to check in at the appropriate Parade application table at one of the two staging areas. Upon check in, you will be given your parade number and be directed to your spot. Set-up can continue until approximately 11:15 am.
Please note that any outstanding payments are due at the time of application. All members of your group will also be required to sign a waiver in order to participate in the parade – please have this completed in advance and submit at check in.

All Vehicles: If you have a vehicle that will be with your group, they must report to the VEHICLE APPLICATION AND STAGING AREA.

Application Locations

Application is at the Diamond Silver Building located at Arnett and Main Streets.
From Lambertville: Go North on Rt. 29 (Main Street) and turn left onto Arnett Street.
From New Hope via the toll Bridge: Cross the toll bridge and take the exit to Lambertville. Turn RIGHT at the bottom of the exit ramp toward Lambertville and follow Rt. 29 (Main Street) and turn RIGHT onto Arnett Street (Diamond Silver Building)

Check-In Times: 10:00am – 11:00am

If you arrive after 11:00am there is no guarantee that you will be able to participate.

Upon check in you will be given your parade number and directed to your staging area on the access road. Once the vehicles are lined up, they will be escorted down Route 29 to Delevan Street. Vehicles will be held on Delevan Street until the parade begins at 11:30. NOTE: The vacant lot is a grassy lot so please use caution.

Early set up note

Our volunteers will not be onsite until 9:30am – 10:00am. If you need to arrive early for set up, please email our Parade Coordinator with your request.

Walking Participants

If you have people that will be joining you to walk, please have them meet at the NON-VEHICLE APPLICATION AND STAGING AREA (York): Application is at the corner of Union and York Streets. Upon application you will be given your parade number and directed to your staging area on York Street. Check in times: 10:15am – 11:15am. Please stay in your spot until instructed to move forward – we will be merging the vehicles and non-vehicles at the intersection of York and Union and we need your cooperation in order for this to happen smoothly.

Vehicle Parking

Additional Information & Rules

Application reminders

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