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Matt Hanson, NHC President
Vintage Photo was taken in 2006 atop of Starbucks

Serving our Community with Teamwork & Pride

I wanted to acknowledge the New Hope Celebrates Board and all our volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year to achieve our mission. We can only achieve our mission through tremendous teamwork and dedication. Working together, our team focuses on planning and producing events, programming, and information to help promote our beautiful community.

Teamwork is so essential in accomplishing all our goals; working together, we can achieve more than any individual trying to accomplish just as much.

We know we have much work ahead of us to ensure the continued recognition and promotion of our unique destination. Our focus and commitment will be continued support of the LGBTQIA+ populace and visitors to our community.

I can’t thank our Board and volunteers enough for all they do to help us achieve our goals. Our community is a special place where people come together to lift each other up and ensure that ALL are welcome. Thank you to everyone who continues to help support New Hope Celebrates and our mission.

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Because every day should be a celebration.

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Featured News & Reports

NHC Cancels 2020 Live Events due to COVID 19

NHC cancels 2020 Live Events due to COVID 19 – Planning for online events this fall. After much deliberation, New Hope Celebrates has decided not to go forward with the Pride Parade and Fair in 2020. President Matt Hanson said, “Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have held out hope

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Looking Back - Community Events

2005 – Gay community rallies to support victims of Hurricane Katrina

From our scrapbook, we look back at New Hope Celebrates History. New Hope Gazette, September 15th, 2005. Article by Sean Patrick Murphy, Assistant Editor Photo: Daniel Brooks, NHC Founder “There wasn’t really anything mentioned regarding the specifics of the GBLT community being started,” said Daniel Brooks, who is helping to

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What Makes Us Who We Are

NHC members share their thoughts and experiences

Ryan C. Segura

Ryan C. Segura NHC Board Member – Joined 2020  Ryan currently teaches writing at The College of New Jersey and works for River Valley Realty.  Prior to that, he worked as an editor at The Wall Street Journal.   He was born and raised in Utah and then moved to New

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Graham Lundeen

Gram Lundeen NHC Board Member – Joined 2020  Graham is a skilled bartender and server with over 10 years of experience in the Restaurant Industry. He currently works at Martine’s Riverhouse in New Hope and Jake’s Restaurant and Bar in Flemington, NJ. Graham has a diverse background in theatre, biology,

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Eric Stephenson

Eric Stephenson NHC Board Member – Joined 2020  Eric is a Senior Network Architect at Commscope in Horsham, PA. He has been working in the IT field since 1999.  Born and raised in South Jersey, he relocated to Doylestown in 2007. In 2016 he made the move to New Hope

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Meet Our Proud Team!

Executive Board Members
Matthew Hanson – President
Jenn Wohl – Vice President
Kevin “Coco” Galownia – Secretary
Melissa Patterson – Treasurer
President – Events Advisor
Gordon Pulaski – Creative Director

NEW Members Joined us in April of 2019
Bari Buiso – Board Member
Felix Ciattarelli – Board Member
Glen Kasper – Board Member
Kari Osmond – Government and Community Outreach
Nick Barbati – Volunteer Coordinator
Roger Green – Board Member

October Volunteers
David Witchell, Photography
Elisa Fusco – High Heel Drag Race Coordinator
Eric Stephenson
Hunter Stephenson
Enid Green
Ryan Segura
Tara Buske

Professional Contributors
Webmaster – Eric Rounds
Writer – Cora Burk

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