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Matt Hanson, NHC President
Would you Give A Buck? Challenge - Giving Tuesday 2020
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Because every day should be a celebration.

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Looking Back - Community Events

What Makes Us Who We Are

NHC members share their thoughts and experiences

Meet Our Proud Team!

Executive Board Members
Matthew Hanson – President
Jenn Wohl – Vice President
Kevin “Coco” Galownia – Secretary
Melissa Patterson – Treasurer
President – Events Advisor
Gordon Pulaski – Creative Director

NEW Members Joined us in April of 2019
Bari Buiso – Board Member
Felix Ciattarelli – Board Member
Glen Kasper – Board Member
Kari Osmond – Government and Community Outreach
Nick Barbati – Volunteer Coordinator
Roger Green – Board Member

October Volunteers
David Witchell, Photography
Elisa Fusco – High Heel Drag Race Coordinator
Eric Stephenson
Hunter Stephenson
Enid Green
Ryan Segura
Tara Buske

Professional Contributors
Webmaster – Eric Rounds
Writer – Cora Burk

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