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Join NHC as we proudly support Fisherman’s Mark

New Hope Celebrates, as well as everyone else, has been following the COVID-19 situation unfold. The uncertainty of the Pandemic continues to extend and many people in our community have found themselves unemployed indefinitely, experiencing reduced income, or lack the funds to continue to pay bills, shop for food, or obtain necessities. As New Hope Celebrates continues our commitment to supporting New Hope, Lambertville, and our community, we have opted to highlight Fisherman’s Mark Social Services for the resources they provide to those that need assistance in our towns and their dedication to the community in times of crisis. New Hope Celebrates and The Board will be donating $650 to Fisherman’s Mark to help them fund resources necessary to aid as many people as possible. We would also like to encourage our wonderful friends in the community to help increase our efforts by making a donation of money, food, or time, as you are able.

How You Can Help

If you are in need of assistance or know anyone that would benefit from the services provided by Fisherman’s Mark, please visit their website or call for more information. While many community members didn’t need this service under different conditions, if the pandemic has changed your circumstances, no matter the reason, don’t hesitate to utilize Fisherman’s Mark. If you need help, please reach out to them online or call 609-397-0194

Even though we are separated physically right now, it is important to remember that there are still so many ways that we can come together and unite in a way that makes our commUNITY so special. New Hope Celebrates will continue to look for new and unique ways to help the community during this time. If you need assistance, have ideas of ways we can help, or just want to chat, please reach out at


Fisherman’s Mark – The Mission of Fisherman’s Mark is to strengthen our community. With responsive programs and services that promote stability, health, and education, Fisherman’s Mark is an advocate for positive change in the lives of our neighbors and their families. Fisherman’s Mark has been a part of the community for over 40 years, providing not only services that meet basic needs, such as food and affordable childcare, but going beyond a crisis to partner with individuals and families to break the cycle of crisis and promote self-sufficiency and wellness.

Our comprehensive programs respond to the needs of vulnerable populations in our area: seniors, individuals living with disabilities, the local immigrant population, low-income families, the unemployed and underemployed. We assist with any crisis that presents: homelessness, domestic violence, job-loss, insurance issues, financial crisis or medical, substance abuse or mental health issues. We truly are “Help When Help is Needed” and we are there for the entire community.

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For The Most Recent News, visit the NHC Newsletter
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