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You’re Gonna Love Us Come Rain Or Come Shine!

New Hope Celebrates Pride Festival – You’re Gonna Love Us Come Rain Or Come Shine!

“AIN’T NO ONE GONNA RAIN ON OUR PARADE!” We’re a tough group here in New Hope and Lambertville and we have stood up and marched on through bigger storms to get where we are today. We have always seen the brighter side of things – and when all is said and done we are rewarded with a rainbow, literally! said Gordon Pulaski, NHC Creative Director

We wanted to let those of who have asked and those who may not know how our Parade and Pride Fair work and what it takes to bring you the annual NHC Pride Festival – a community event spanning two states.

We plan a year in advance, our team of six Board Members – volunteers who break into committees then spend an average of six months pre planning and three months of intense coordinating with volunteers, sponsors local and state authorities along with hundreds of nonprofit groups and individuals to bring you the highest caliber event possible.

New Hope celebrates has been nationally recognized by other Pride Groups and has gained high marks for our commitment to creating an amazing community events in addition to our annual Pride Festival.

We spend a considerable amount of money annually – none of what we do is free. We rely on on our generous sponsors and fundraisers through the year to support our Annual Pride Week Event as well as other key events during the year including our High Heel Drag Race in October, Retro-Scope our LGBT History Project, Rainbow Flag Tour and many additional activities in the works.

The Pride Parade requires permits and fees for road closures and police & emergency personal to be present in both PA and NJ during our event.

Thanks to the boroughs of New Hope, PA. and Lambertville, NJ, state and local authorities, emergency services and the Delaware Joint Bridge Commission for their assistance every year. We are able to bring this amazing event to the general public.

Our Annual Parade and Pride Fair goes off without a hitch rain or shine. In the case of inclement weather, we suggest our vendors at the fair bring tents! And Parade marchers come dressed appropriately we march no matter what! The event will only be cancelled if the authorities deem it to be a dangerous situation.

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Everybody Loved Warren Gluck

NHC is saddened to learn of the passing of DJ Waren Gluck who graciously spun for our 2015 NHC Pride at the Raven. RIP brother.

For The Most Recent News, visit the NHC Newsletter

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