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New Hope Celebrates a Rainbow of HOPE with a message of LOVE

After the storm clouds have passed. The sun appears with rainbows of New Hope, and a time to celebrate once again. So, for now, we stand firmly united from a distance, marching through adversity, fighting through the storm, never silent, and always proud. Together we will not be silent; we are a community that never quits. We go on fighting with new hope for a brighter tomorrow. There will be a time to rejoice in colorful celebrations once again. “Our rainbow will never fade as long as we are strong,” said Gordon Pulaski, NHC Creative Director. Although our annual May Pride Festival has been postponed until October 2020, we wanted to keep with New Hope Celebrates’ long-standing tradition. The NHC Board unfurled its official 25 foot eight-color Rainbow Equality Flag atop the Delaware House building owned by New Hope Investment Properties. This was at the request of Excellis Health Solutions owned by Greg Cathcart, a longtime NHC LGBTQ+ community ally and supporter of the organization. The historic building is also home to Starbucks and is located on Bridge St., in downtown New Hope, PA. The event took place in a private ceremony on May 8th, 2020, and was closed to the public for safety during the current Covid-19 Pandemic. The flag will remain on display until May 22nd in honor of our heroes on the front line to provide inspiration, hope, and pride to all who drive by. “We are proud of our community and we encourage local businesses, restaurants, and shops to display your NHC flags and/or Pride flags for May and June”, said Matt Hanson, NHC President. “You can’t have rainbows without rain and eventually this “COVID rain” will slow and we can be together again.” We will get through this together. We would like to give thanks to our heroes on the front line who give us hope, make us proud, and keep us strong. We would also like to recognize the Borough of New Hope, and our Emergency Management Coordinator Michael Cummings. We salute all our essential workers for their support and for keeping us safe.  A reminder that the Borough of New Hope remains in quarantine until we are advised it is safe to welcome visitors. There will be no hourly parking available, only a 15-minute curbside pick up. Please be respectful of our police, essential workers, and our local residents. Keep social distance, wear masks, and refrain from walking or gathering in groups along the sidewalks in New Hope. Most shops are closed, however many offer online or phone order shopping. Local restaurants are open for pick up only so please call ahead. We wish for everyone to remain safe and well until we can gather again. Thanks to all our NHC Partners and Board Members for their support and commitment to our river town communities. Don Roberts of Impact Signs provided our special flag banner. Visit for updates.

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For The Most Recent News, visit the NHC Newsletter
For The Most Recent News, visit the NHC Newsletter
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