i am new hope

Please join us in celebrating NEW HOPE! We are larger than the sum of our parts and together we weave a rich and colorful tapestry.

i am new hope

In 2017, New Hope Celebrates Inc. created our first community awareness campaign “I am new hope” which was conceived as our response to the incoming political administration and its climate of uncertainty. We wanted to offer a positive and inspiring message.

Our hope is to inspire others by telling the stories of those in our diverse community and embrace differences in hopes to build a better understanding of others in and around the world. We are all human and the stories we share may be different, but we are all human beings and share the bond that is human.

We will share with you the stories of our local residence, leaders, workers, and visitors. Our community represents all people from all walks of life, religious beliefs, and socio economic backgrounds. New Hope has long been a mecca of free spirited, creative, and, most of all, accepting people.

The New Hope community has always welcomed outsiders and castaways, providing a refuge where one could find the safety and freedom of expression within the “New Hope extended family”.

“i am new hope” is a collection of photos and stories of inspiration and hope! A community driven diversity awareness campaign powered by New Hope Celebrates to promote a message of equality.

Mail in donations to: New Hope Celebrates, PO Box 266, New Hope Pa 18938
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