Graham Lundeen

Gram Lundeen
NHC Board Member – Joined 2020 

Graham is a skilled bartender and server with over 10 years of experience in the Restaurant Industry. He currently works at Martine’s Riverhouse in New Hope and Jake’s Restaurant and Bar in Flemington, NJ. Graham has a diverse background in theatre, biology, peer education, sex education, and fundraising. 

Despite being a more recent addition to the New Hope/Lambertville community, Graham visited the area frequently as a teenager and adult. The overwhelming message of love and acceptance projected by the community inspired him to volunteer with New Hope Celebrates and dedicate himself to maintaining and fostering growth in a healthy LGBTQ+ identity in New Hope and Lambertville.

Graham grew up in Hunterdon County, has lived in Michigan and Ewing, and currently resides in Stockton, NJ with his two cats, Freddy and Roger.


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