Gordon Pulaski, NHC Creative Director

What makes us who we are…
NHC Board members share their thoughts and experiences.

“Working on the NHC History Archives, I have the incredible opportunity to view hundreds of photos and read many stories from the not so distant past, some I recall, and some are a delight to discover. As I gaze at these images – I feel a sense of duty to the entire community, especially to those who have passed. Sharing their memories, the good times, and the not so good times give all our lives a profound sense of meaning. Knowing that in some small way, New Hopes gay history will delight and inspire Pride and joy in the generations to come.   

For the past 11 years, I’ve been the creative director for NHC. I have also worked closely with much of the New Hope and Lambertville communities. As a longtime area resident, I, like so many of my friends and extended family, have had the good fortune of living, loving, and playing here in New Hope. But just like life, things change, people move on; it’s the way it is. 
Cherish the memories we have made, never forget the ones we lost. Embrace the change as we turn the page on yet another new chapter of our community. The phrase “always look on the bright side of life!” from Monty Python comes to mind. We create the change we want to see even though that change may be unclear. Keep an open mind and be a part of positive change, walking forward with Pride. It’s our job to lead the way for the next generation to discover all that life can be.”


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