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Flashback Friday “Queen for a Day”

“Queen for a Day” This event was on April 1st (April Fool’s Day) 2001.

Herb and the New Hope Chamber of Commerce were instrumental in producing Queen for a Day, which was a fundraiser for the chamber and parks & rec.  It was the brainchild of Pumpkin and Geri but Herb was the organizer.  Herb could get anyone to do anything and snagged many of the contestants, got the cash bar going, and organized the tables, the box office, ticket sales, and restaurant donations. His management background in New York in cinema and theater and work with nonprofits proved invaluable.  He was the man behind the man and got a lot of it going as well but it was a group effort and he assembled an impressive group of volunteers.

By John Millman Dwyer, New Hope Resident

Photo: From left to right:  Gordon Nieburg as Whipper Will (Eagle Fire Co fire police and New Hope Gazette- now Bucks County Herald photographer), Tom Carroll (Public Works), Richard Hirschfeld (New Hope Borough Council president), Frank Cosner Jr (Deputy Chief -New Hope Eagle Fire Co), Paul Witte (local -North Main St resident), Jim McGinniss (resident and sculptor) as Anita Canoli, Larry Keller (Mayor)as Kokette Davis and Earl Bierman (resident and chairman of Parks and Rec) as Dame Edna.

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For The Most Recent News, visit the NHC Newsletter
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