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2016 Pride Festival – New Hope & Lambertille 13 years…

Thirteen years have passed since New Hope Celebrates (NHC) initiated the first annual LGBT pride festival, which now includes the City of Lambertville (NJ,) and this year will be held on May 15th through May 22nd. The renowned, diverse, colorful cornerstone pride parade and block party unites the two towns by way of a bridge straddling the Delaware River, and will be held – rain or shine – at noon on May 21st.

The New Hope Celebrates Pride Festival has become a harbinger of spring for Bucks County residents and brings an estimated 15,000 guests to the area, many from metropolitan areas such as New York, Philadelphia, Delaware and DC.

There are many events in the works that appeal to inclusive ages, parents, teens, kids, pets – all within a carnival-like atmosphere that brings smiles and hugs to and from all. Retailers and residents of both towns are a part of the show. The NHC affiliated LGBT history exhibit, Retro-Scope, will also be featured during this years Pride Festival (

Applications for perspective vendors and those interested in participating in the hour-long parade are being currently accepted on-line. Those who wish to entertain at the week-long festival or for those who are interested in breaking news updates on events or headliners can also visit the NHC website,

You can also log on to Facebook or Twitter under “New Hope Celebrates.” The New Hope Celebrates Pride award-winning festival is a “must” for all community members this spring.

Come one, come all! Be a part of historic New Hope-Lambertville! Have fun!

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Everybody Loved Warren Gluck

NHC is saddened to learn of the passing of DJ Waren Gluck who graciously spun for our 2015 NHC Pride at the Raven. RIP brother.

For The Most Recent News, visit the NHC Newsletter
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